BROCKHAMPTON Ready to Release New Album 'Puppy'

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'Puppy' - New Album

BROCKHAMPTON Are Preparing New Release

San Marcos origin 15-members crew is constantly working on the development of new material and publishes albums one by another. 'Puppy' is their fourth studio album, which is set to be delivered in June.

The impending release will be the follow-up to the band's trilogy of 'Saturation' albums released in 2017. Todays' one of the best hip-hop craftsmen recently signed a contract with RCA Records, so the new music pieces presumably will be something different as previous works.

Brockhampton had recorded almost the most experimental and entertaining albums that the American rap gave us in 2017. Brockhampton members prefer to call themselves "boyz-band", in a word, associated more with Backstreet Boys and One Direction than with a rap group. The leader of the group Kevin Abstract in his latest interview formulates in a much more determined way: "We are the true face of America.

The voice of those who can not express what they really feel. People can say for years that their words do not matter. Therefore, when someone appears able to go beyond the boundaries, to sound at the top of his voice and become people's personalities, then this one will become a hero for them." Therefore, 'Puppy' will become another element of the heroic message that so skillfully developed by the guys from the Brockhampton group. Very soon, we will be able to enjoy the new tracks of the team during Brockhampton 2018 tour concerts, expect the accompanying news about the album.

PUPPY video teaser