Brockhampton Band Story & Members

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The band's activities began not so long ago, namely in 2015 in the city of San Marcos, Texas. Currently, Brockhampton are based in California and consist of 15 members, the main among whom is the leader Kevin Abstract. Of course, at first it was necessary to have some ground for creating the group, that’s why Kevin Abstract and Jalen Jones were looking for all the possibilities for musical development and the search for people who would share their musical interests. Subsequently, everything had matched successfully and by dint of online forum KanyeToThe other band's members gathered together, and later named themselves as the Internet's first boy band.

The success of the huge boys' hip-hop band did not make them wait a long time, as the first year of their existence was marked by a series of powerful events. In such a way, first several singles, namely "Bet I", "Hero" and "Dirt", were released. In the same year, Brockhampton were honored to win in VFiles Loud contest with the video for the song "Dirt", which was promoted through Fool's Gold Records.

Having maintained ground as the worthy hip-hop band, Brockhampton released their first mixtape under the title 'All-American Trash' for free in 2016. The main mixtape's purpose was to show the person of each participant, Merlyn Wood and Dom McLennon performed the main composition «Flip Mo». Subsequent acts were even better, Brockhampton stepped boldly with the release of three studio albums dropped one by one in 2017, namely Saturation on June 9, Saturation II on August 25 and Saturation III on December 15th. Accordingly, having achieved a good result with the release of three studio albums from a year, the band actively toured and gave a bunch of concerts across North America.